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Hello! My name is Dr. Onestone.
As a Genomics expert, I have been studying for years the microscopic world and the core language of life, DNA.
In 2020, I had a breakthrough while studying the viruses' structures and how they communicate with each other.
I saw the SARS 2003 coronavirus using its RNA instructions to create proteins, like a factory!
Under my AMX Microscope I saw the virus' proteins forming geometric drawings...
Aha! Using these pattern drawings I can identify different parts of the virus' protein.
Knowing these patterns will help me create a protein-based vaccine for SARS-CoV-2!

How interesting... As I zoomed-in the proteins I saw movement, something else was there, these geometric shapes were moving... perhaps a creature, perhaps life!?

I have named such creatures the Trix (from GeomeTrix).
The Trix were everywhere! Inside each protein it had different colors and shapes of Trix! Some looked like an X, another like ◇, even Y!

This is it! If we capture all shapes of Trix we can understand how the virus' proteins work!
I can use Artificial Intelligence to use the pattern shapes to create new medicine and vaccines.

Just one problem... There are many patterns yet to be found! And every time looking at the AMX Microscope they look different.
I need your help.
Help me understand the Trix and their shapes. This can be used to understand the virus proteins to create new medicine and vaccines from it.
Your goal is to select all the Trix shapes you see, as quick as possible!
Note: You can also shift the rows to help you find patterns!
To make two rows swap places, mark 'row one' green by clicking on its button, and then do the same for 'row two'.

You found a X-shape Trix!

You found a Diamond-shape Trix!

Your analysis has been sent to Dr. Onestone's lab.
And you have gained one level for your contribution. Thank you!
Good job!
You have found Trix creatures hidden in the puzzle.

The Trix are chemical patterns found in protein and genomic sequences. These patterns are helping scientists to find vaccines, drugs, and treatments to advance human health.

We are one step closer. Still, there are many more Trix to be found!

You have helped country to advance the global ranking.

country is now at position #0

Thank you for your contribution to science.

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Objective: Can you find these shapes?

Important: You can also shift the rows to help you find patterns!
To make two rows swap places, mark 'row one' green by clicking on its button, and then do the same for 'row two'.

Every match is a collectable Trix creature.
Let's find them all!


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Found D-Trix

Found Y-Trix

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